We believe that information is the ultimate equalizer, and by providing that access to everyone, we can level the playing field.
— Terry Dohrmann, CRO at Litify



Founded in 2016, Litify was born out of the dream of forever changing the way that legal services are rendered. Our thesis is that both attorneys and clients are eager to find a better way to interact and to manage their cases. From finding a lawyer to winning a verdict in the courtroom, Litify wants to be there at every step, guiding every aspect of the process.

The Litify software is built on Salesforce.com - the world’s most trusted CRM. A practice management solution has to be something that enables a firm to do what they do best and helps drive the process and capability that makes a firm unique. Through the use of Litify, law firms across the country have been able to deliver the best client experience, develop best practices and create consistently high standards within their firms.

As hosts to LitiQuest and LitiQuestX conferences around the country, we are always exploring how the legal industry is evolving as a response to the many technological advances and social trends of the present and future.



Litify.org is the philanthropic arm of Litify. Our goal is to help move the entire legal industry forward, and building lasting partnerships with nonprofit legal organizations takes us one step closer. We believe that technology can positively impact an organization’s mission, and aim to help the organizations we work with develop confidence and embrace the positives of adopting technology.

We work very closely with our nonprofit partners in determining their needs so that we can provide the right solutions to help reach their business goals and objectives. Our legal nonprofit partners receive Litify software and licenses for their organization, providing them with access to better data, resources and information to make better business decisions. Information about eligibility requirements is available here.


As a company with employees across the country, we encourage our teams to give back to their communities and donate time to worthy causes whenever possible. Litify employees receive one paid week per year to work for a cause they believe in.

Charities looking to partner with us, please click below to get in touch.